Press Release - Epsis signs agreement with Vizcom Technologies

Bergen/Perth, November 25th 2014: Epsis AS, a leader in operations orchestration software, today announced they have signed a distribution agreement with Vizcom Technologies, based near Perth in Western Australia.

Vizcom Technologies will be offering Epsis TeamBox Software as a part of their technology portfolio.  They will also provide services to integrate, install and commission Epsis TeamBox as part of their integrated solutions covering all aspects of audio visual communication and effective collaboration.  Vizcom’s objective is to forever evolve these technologies and solutions to consistently set and exceed what soon becomes considered the industry standard.

 “This agreement is another step in executing Epsis’s streategy in the Australian market,” Epsis CEO Jan-Erik Nordtvedt said. “Vizcom Technolgoies is not just a common AV provider, but a skilled solution provider which brings the best of breed technologies together for a total tailored solution for their customers. For Epsis, it’s crucial to join forces with total solution providers, to make sure our clients get a coherent and well integrated solution.”

David Jones in Vizcom is also very positive to the partnership. “Vizcom Technologies specialize in technologies supporting the resource sector, and we have structured ourselves to provide class leading solutions which fall under the “Audio Visual” banner. Our focus is on developing production enhancing technologies for our clients, especially around the tools required to deliver efficient workflow and highly collaborative work spaces. We have already been working with Teambox for a couple of years now, and understand the power it provides when properly implemented. We are excited to enter into this official partnership with Epsis, Vizcom believe our core strengths are aligned and we share a common vision for the future of workflow technologies.

 About Epsis TeamBox

Epsis TeamBox is a workflow orchestration software platform dedicated to process adherence and real time decision-making including information, video conferencing and sharing in collaborative environments. The system takes a simple approach to workflow management that can be used by any member in a team regardless of where they are located. Epsis TeamBox also provides additional capabilities to manage the entire screen real estate, integrate videoconferencing and share information with anyone.

The philosophy of TeamBox is to enable the user communities to provide the right people with the right information at the right time to make more informed and consistent decisions.

 About Epsis 

Epsis AS is a Norwegian based software company which provides solutions based on its patented TeamBox technology platform, enabling faster, better and more consistent decisions and activity execution by orchestrating information, people and processes in a well-defined structure. Epsis delivers its technology and services primarily to global oil and gas and service companies within their Digital Oilfields operations. The list of clients includes Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Eni, FMC Technologies, Halliburton and Total.

 About Vizcom

Vizcom Technologies are a West Australian owned and operated technology company, specializing in professional Audio Visual and Unified Communications systems. Vizcom are unique in the WA market in offering highly specialized workflow and collaboration systems, focused on the resource and professional sectors. Vizcom are engineering focused and have a large staff of highly qualified and experienced engineers, delivering custom solutions for clients across the massive state. Vizcom are responsible for some of the largest AV & UC deployments in Australia, including very remote and isolated locations on and offshore. Vizcom work with the largest companies in the world, all of whom leverage Vizcom’s technologies for mission critical applications. Key long term clients include Chevron, BHP Billiton & Woodside Energy amongst many others.

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David Jones,           Vizcom,  +61 437 779 082,