Company Overview

Business has new meeting and presentation demands, education is no longer confined to the classroom, every moment is captured, shared, socialised. Every resource in the world is able to be drawn upon exactly when you need it, in high definition.

Audio Visual & Computing are no longer separate, their potential in professional environments is realized when integrated by the right team of engineers, who understand how all these specialised devices form a single system.

The most successful technology companies in the world realize that nothing is more important than the human interface. All the technology in the world is useless if no-one can use it. Vizcom aim to release the potential to do business better, faster, and more effectively using todays technology as our interface to the world.

We are able to offer a variety of Audio Visual, Broadcast & Automation services, and we aim to combine as many of them as possible, systems integration is our passion and speciality. Vizcom are a large team of specialist engineers who have been working in system integration since before the term even existed. Collectively we have been involved with the majority of technology projects in WA for over 20 years. We are structured to cater for the construction industry, and offer our services to the professional installation market.

Our aim is always to become part of the project team, we want to bring value and innovation to projects, creating something unique is our specialty.